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You have an energetic signature with unique gifts and skills.  Using Human Design & Gene Keys you can begin to align yourself with them and increase your impact in your tribe and community.

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Discover your
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What is
Human Design?

Human Design is your energetic blueprint, giving you insight into how your energy works, providing a strategy for making aligned decisions, and showing you areas where you may have taken on conditioning from the world around you, becoming less authentically you.

Taking aspects from biochemistry, genetics, and physics, as well as the Chinese i’Ching, the Jewish Kabbalah, and astrology, it’s a powerful tool to know yourself and live true to who you are.

“Human Design is very simple. It’s about making decisions and how to make decisions by being yourself.”

(Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design)

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“Rooted in ancient wisdom and offering a gentle, easy-to-follow path of contemplation, the Gene Keys are an oasis of calm in a fast-paced world. Here you’ll find a journey of self-enquiry that challenges, questions, and enlightens you about who you are and why you are.”

(Richard Rudd, Founder of Gene Keys)

What are
Gene Keys?

Gene Keys are an offshoot of Human Design, but where Human Design is your energetic blueprint and explains how you function, the Gene Keys are a map to help you identify and live your life purpose, develop stronger, deeper relationships, and create more prosperity.

One of the beautiful things about Gene Keys is that it encourages the art of contemplation, rather than effort, as you travel through the three Sequences (Activation, Venus, and Pearl).  Through these Sequences you uncover each of your Gene Keys’ Shadow, the Gift that lies within each Shadow, and the Siddhi that represents the highest vibration of the Gene Key.

Who am I?

I’m Amanda.  When I discovered my Human Design it opened my eyes to all the ways that I had been conditioned by my upbringing and society to think and act and be something other than my signature self. And while that was frustrating, it also explained so much about the patterns I’d been struggling with.

When I started exploring my Gene Keys I saw myself reflected in the shadows, my struggles and insecurities right there, laid out so clearly.  And it also showed me how to transcend and integrate those shadows to uncover the Gift within them.  The Sequences began showing me a way to understand my journey and move through life intentionally, coming closer and closer to fulfilling my purpose and living fully in who I am.

Quick Facts:
4/6 Sacral Manifesting Generator, RAX of Contagion 3
Leo ☀️, Scorpio 🌓, Taurus ↑

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"Learning about my Human Design was honestly so unique! So many of the points Amanda brought up were things I had carried shame about my entire life but had no idea it was just how I am uniquely hard wired. It felt incredible to hear!!"
Amy H.
Enneagram Coach

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