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of who you were

born to be.

I hear you. Wondering who you are. Why you’re here.
You’ve played the game. You’ve been who you were told you should be.  You’ve fought to live up to all the expectations.
Yet, deep inside you know there’s more.

You know YOU’RE more.

Shrouded under layers of society’s rules, expectations, and glass ceilings, you sense the flame of who you are.   
Who you were born to be.
The anticipation of what you were born to do. 
Your divine purpose. Your calling. Your mission. Your quest. 

It’s always been there.  Waiting for your to remember. To question. To feel. To search.

Are you ready?

I hear you, because I’ve walked that path, too.  My journey began with questions that poked holes in the foundation of the faith I grew up with. It led me to examining pretty much everything in my life. I questioned whether I believed things, liked things, and desired things because I was told to or because it was truly my soul’s truth.

I kept searching for answers in personality tests, but it seemed like the answers there changed every time my mood changed. 

I explored different philosophies and “heresies.”

I even questioned whether I truly love pizza or if it was merely another think I was conditioned to believe (😳 Speaking of heresies!).

And then I saw myself written in the stars, planned before creation for just the right moment in time.  And that led me to Human Design. 

The more I learned about my Design, the more I felt like I was coming home to myself.

I was awakening.

Now, I am honored to serve women like you, who are seeking their authenticity and their purpose. 

By integrating Human Design and the Gene Keys, I offer you a blueprint to your energy and your soul’s path.  It’s who you were created to be, what you’re here to do, and how you can achieve that purpose in a way that is aligned with your highest, most authentic self.

You are here for a reason.

Are you ready to awaken to your soul purpose &
align yourself with who you were designed to be?

Uncover Your Energetic Blueprint

Start by learning about your Human Design and discovering how you can use your energy to support you in living a life you love.  These one-on-one sessions give you insight into who you are, your super powers, and how you can make more aligned decisions.

Coming Soon

The 8th Key

A self-paced experience that helps you to recover your authenticity and live your Signature Self.

The Trinity Path

A multi-week journey do align your mindset, embody your purpose, and increase your impact.  BE who you are here to be, and DO what you are here to do.

Human Design Sessions

The 8th Key (Coming Soon)

The Trinity Path (Coming Soon)

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