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You have an energetic signature with unique gifts and skills.  Human Design shows you your energetic signature so you can function more effectively.

"Amanda did an amazing job giving me information that I needed and not overwhelming me with all that she could have told me. I felt that I was understood and not crazy for feeling certain things or doing certain things."
Ashley D.
Movement Coach

What is Human Design?

Human Design is your energetic blueprint, giving you insight into how your energy works, providing a strategy for making aligned decisions, and showing you areas where you may have taken on conditioning from the world around you, becoming less authentically you.

Taking aspects from biochemistry, genetics, and physics, as well as the Chinese i’Ching, the Jewish Kabbalah, and astrology, it’s a powerful tool to know yourself and live true to who you are.

“Human Design is very simple. It’s about making decisions and how to make decisions by being yourself.”

(Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design)

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Understand Your Human Design

Human Design Basics

Learn the basics of your Design. Start here with learning about your Type, Strategy, & Authority.

Advanced Design

Go deeper into your Design and explore your centers, along with your Incarnation Cross & gates.

The Four Arrows

Get insight into the 4 transformations that can bring powerful change.

Human Design Basics PDF

Short on time or funds? Get the PDF only version of your Human Design Basics.
PDF Only

Design Basics

Learn about the way you were Designed so you can user your energy more effectively, make more aligned decisions, and understand your personality and life story more deeply.

This is a 1-hour Zoom session and a PDF summary of your Design Basics.

Advanced Design

Go deeper into what makes you uniquely you, including the gifts and super powers you were born with. We'll also talk about how to start to live into your Design more effectively.

This is a 1-hour Zoom call and a PDF summary of the info from your session.

The 4 Arrows

Once you understand your Design Basics, it's helpful to understand how you digest the world, your ideal environment, your perception, and your motivation(and how you manifest).

This is a 1-hour Zoom call and a PDF summary of the info from your session.

Just the PDF Please

Don't have time to do a full session live on Zoom? Or maybe funds are a little tight. Get the PDF instead. This multi-pages document will fill you in on all the aspects included in a Design Basics session so you can begin understanding and living more aligned with your Design.

Human Design Sessions

The 8th Key (Coming Soon)

The Trinity Path (Coming Soon)

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Understand your Design

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Go deeper

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Transformations to grow